Monday, July 06, 2015

Fighting Disclosure

Police Union Fights To Keep The Names Of Officers Who Shoot Civilians Secret | ThinkProgress:

For Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, increasing transparency within the nation’s oldest and fourth largest police municipality and holding its officers accountable to residents may be easier said than done...

What About Some Tv $

U.S. Women Win World Cup, Get Stiffed By FIFA | ThinkProgress:

The U.S. women’s soccer team defeated Japan on Sunday to win the World Cup. For their dominant performance, the team will collect $2 million from FIFA, the international body that runs the tournament.

The championship prize for women pales in comparison to the $8 million in prize money awarded to men’s teams who lose in the first round. Every men’s team was awarded $1.5 million just for participating.

Krugman Explains Greece

Paul Krugman: Europe should be ashamed of its “campaign of bullying” -

...Which, of course, they weren’t, because “[t]he truth is that Europe’s self-styled technocrats are like medieval doctors who insisted on bleeding their patients — and when their treatment made the patients sicker, demanded even more bleeding...”

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Magistrating Edition

(3) Facebook: Mark Heinrich It makes the clerk feel violated from few minutes of notorizing and filing a form so a couple that loves each other can't get married. One wonders what conservatives would think of a pacifist that refused to issue a concealed carry license or a vegan that refused to issue a health permit to a steakhouse?

Biblical Hijinx

Captive virgins, polygamy and sex slaves: What marriage would look like if we actually followed the Bible:

Bible believers are beside themselves about the prospect that marriage norms and laws are changing, but let me tell you a secret about Bible believers that I know because I was one. Most don’t actually read their Bibles....

Friday, July 03, 2015

The Daily Flashback: Molly Ivins Edition

Celebrating America's Independence:

...The late Molly Ivins always used to write a Fourth of July column in which she exhorted readers to enjoy fighting for freedom, to get a laugh out of it, to understand that not being scared out of your own freedoms is to create for yourself a wondrous republic that could produce not only the Declaration of Independence, but plastic surgery for your dog, too.

"And here's to keeping America weird," she wrote, not long before she died. "To Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant for making cable television so busy, happy and productive. Here's to the tabloids, eternally discovering alien zombies from outer space (have they checked out the Veep lately?). Here's to all our grumps and scolds, constantly insisting that we're going to hell in a handbasket. Where would we be without an active core of selfless citizens constantly prepared to tell us we're dumb, fat and lazy, and it's all our fault? Concerning our national habit of polling ourselves to find how just how dumb we are, a new study shows 88.2 percent of all Texans believe Osama bin Laden has two first names, like Jerry Jeff or Billy Bob...

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The ReRelgioning Of America

Long, complex, thorough. God is not on our side: The religious right’s big lie about the founding of America -

Not A Good Thing

Exclusive: Trouble Brewing in South Carolina? Black Panthers Plan Rally to Counter KKK - Breitbart:

There may be a showdown developing in Columbia, as a New Black Panther Party affiliated group plans a rally in the state capitol of South Carolina on July 18, the same day that a protest is planned by a KKK white power group...

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

This Day In GOP Criminals

Judge: Bosworth Showed No Remorse For Crimes | South Dakota News - News, Sports, and Weather Sioux Falls South Dakota:

Former U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth was facing up to 24 years in prison for 12 felony convictions...
Oh, and being a Republican means never having to say you're sorry.

In Greek News

Thom Feeney Crowdfunds Greek Bailout...Will It Work?:

...But really, the people of Greece already made their choice when they voted in the populist Alexis Tsipras as their prime minister and swept his left-wing Syriza party into power back in January: Like many here in the U.S., they’re tired of socialized risk, privatized profits and bailouts for banks but not for ordinary people. As a scathing article from The Guardian points out, less than 10 percent of all the so-called Greek bailout money in 2010 and 2012 actually went to alleviate people’s dire poverty and economic losses: The other 90 percent went straight to the banks...

Clinton Rules, Bush Rules

Media Silent On Expos�of Bush's Questionable Business Deals | Research | Media Matters for America:

Evening news programs on cable and broadcast news channels were completely silent in the immediate aftermath of a Washington Post story about business dealings by Jeb Bush "that raised questions about his judgment and exposed him to reputational risk." Their complete lack of coverage stands in stark contrast to the nearly three hours of coverage by cable and broadcast evening news programs devoted to The New York Times' faulty allegation that Hillary Clinton's State Department was influenced by Clinton Foundation donors when it signed off on the purchase of Uranium One the same day the story came out...

From Much Ado Nothing HRC Email Dump

Hillary Clinton emails: The dozen you must read - POLITICO:

On Tuesday evening, the State Department released approximately 3,000 pages of emails sent by and to Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, primarily in 2009...

Xian Advice

Supreme Court Ruling and Christian Outrage�|�Michael Cheshire:

...You know, I have always found it interesting how our religion, based so deeply in love, acceptance, and kindness, gets easily hijacked into political hatred and social judgments. We need to stop trying to legislate our own morality and ethics onto those who don't believe the same way. Jesus never did this. And in truth, most of us "Christians" disagree greatly on the tenants of what are "moral issues" within our own faith. In many ways, we are a herd of cats trying to steer the world. And, it's not working people...

Science Opinion Huh

Politics may interfere with science — but that doesn’t mean all science denial is political - The Washington Post:

...“Americans’ political leanings are a strong factor in their views about issues such as climate change and energy policy,” the report notes, “but much less of a factor when it comes to issues such as food safety, space travel and biomedicine...”

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Screwed By You

VA to Iraq war vet: 'We're not accepting any new patients':

Iraq war veteran Chris Dorsey figured that no one would believe he had been turned away from a U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs clinic when he sought an appointment for post-traumatic stress disorder...
Good luck. I've been trying to get treatment for injuries I sustained in '67, '68, and 69 but have been rejected multiple times for various reasons, the latest being that I "made too much money."  But somehow guys who own multiple homes and businesses in multiple states can get treatment, and some ass who twists his ankle in football practice at a private military high school prep academy can get veteran's status without ever being in the service. I swear this country is getting as corrupt as Old Rome.

On Flogging Southerners

The US Army’s Response To Confederate Base Names Is Perfect - Grunt Report:

...The U.S. Army, on the other hand, refuses to budge and says that base names will remain the same.

“Every Army installation is named for a soldier who holds a place in our military history,” Brig. Gen. Malcolm B. Frost said in a statement, according to The Hill. “Accordingly, these historic names represent individuals, not causes or ideologies. It should be noted that the naming occurred in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.”

SCOTUS Got The Nasty Going

Supreme Court justices stop playing nice - POLITICO:

...And two, the gloves came off, with the justices hurling especially nasty words at each other, shattering the illusion that they are all good friends...

Moronic GOPer List

Republicans are in retreat | TheHill:

So the Republicans are all in a flurry to redefine, adjust or refocus their message, since the past week showed them to be out of step with both their normally conservative brethren on the Supreme Court and American public opinion. It wasn't just a matter of Obamacare, gay marriage or public anxiety over corporate sponsored trade agreements; it was a confluence of a whole host of data points that made them look out of step and quite silly...
Extensive list at the link.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Bible Thumping Edition

Chuck Todd Takes on Bobby Jindal and His Presidential Run

Thom August · Top Commenter

As a prophylactic against the inevitable onslaught counseling resistance to gay marriage, I'll quote a discussion from the Maryland State Senate which, I think, sums it up quite nicely:

‘At a hearing in Maryland, after hearing testimony from Democrat Jamie Raskin, State Senator Nancy Jacobs, a Republican, said, ‘My Bible says marriage is only between a man and a woman. What do you say about that?’ Raskin replied: ‘Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.’

GOPers Linked To Racists

Council of Conservative Citizens Promotes White Primacy, and G.O.P. Ties - The New York Times:

...Since it rose in the 1980s from the ashes of the old and unabashedly racist White Citizens’ Councils, the Council of Conservative Citizens has drifted in and out of notoriety. But it is clearly back in: Last weekend, three Republican presidential candidates — Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky — announced that they were returning or giving away donations from the council’s president, Earl Holt III...