Friday, April 29, 2016

A Benghazi Note From The Pentagon


Shorter version: go away, you moron.

If Excuses Were Votes...

Closed vs. Open Primaries: Final Attempt to Delegitimize Hillary's Victory Is Discredited - Blue Nation Review: By Melissa McEwan
April 29, 2016

Team Sanders has offered every excuse in the book for why Bernie is losing: A primary schedule that front loaded the deep south, voter fraud, superdelegates, super PACs, the DNC, the “establishment,” a rigged system, he wasn’t really trying in some states, because Black voters don’t know what’s best for them, because poor people don’t vote. All of these excuses have been debunked. The latest excuse is closed primaries (pushed in recent days by Jane Sanders)—but this, too, has now been discredited...

tRump And The Card Game

Yes, Digby, he does know something | The Confluence:

...As for journalists, they are magpies. They’re fascinated by Trump and his pink marble grotesques. And they hate Hillary. No, it’s not rational. For all we know, the feeling is mutual. They should never have gone rifling through her real estate deals, law firm billing records or cookie recipes. There’s a great deal of mutual animosity. Don’t expect them to come to her rescue. Expect them to watch this all play out like they would watch an approaching asteroid. It’s great for ratings, people will be thrilled to the very last minute, and there will be plenty to report when the Second Great Extinction happens.

Donald isn’t presidential. Not in the least. But he knows how to fight dirty and he will drag us all down into the gutter with him.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Worker Masses Of GOPer Fantasy

But Really, It's The Anti-Choicers Blocking Merrick Garland | Crooks and Liars:

...This crusade must continue because if legal abortion is outlawed, what will motivate their fanatic base to vote? The hypocrites on the right will continue to do anything they can to make it impossible for a woman to seek a safe and legal abortion procedure, and then cut any and all funding for poor children once they are born. They ironically endorse measures that make it very difficult for people to adopt, so the foster care population is alarmingly high. The Dystopian Republican ideal is a nation filled with poor, unwanted children. They really believe that basic decency and ethics can be replaced by fake Christian virtuosity, that's the ruse the GOP has embraced and always will.

Devil Called Out By The Other Orange Republican

John Boehner calls Ted Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh' -

Former House Speaker John Boehner called Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh," in a withering interview at Stanford University published Thursday...
..."Lucifer in the flesh," Boehner told Stanford's David Kennedy, a history professor emeritus, according to the Stanford Daily. "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life..."

No "Bernie Or Bust"

George Takei scolds Bernie supporters who would rather “bust” than vote for Hillary -

On Wednesday evening, actor, activist, and general boon-to-humanity George Takei posted a video on Facebook urging supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders not to embrace the “Bernie or Bust!” mentality and support Hillary Clinton...
If Sanders truly cared about his country or the issues he keeps flogging, then he would be doing everything in his power to stop the "Bernie or Bust" movement and keep a Republican out of the White House. Instead, he seems to be wallowing in the warm glow of adulation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Corporate Hypocrisy: Say It Ain't So!

Corporations Opposed To North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Helped Elect Its Supporters:

More than 100 corporations have voiced extreme displeasure with North Carolina’s government since the state legislature passed a bill blocking municipalities from enacting their own rules to prevent anti-LGBT discrimination. Dozens of these corporations also had a hand in electing the very Republican majority that passed the legislation they now abhor.

At least 45 corporations denouncing North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law have contributed to a group called the Republican State Leadership Committee. The group, which can receive direct corporate contributions, works to elect Republican state legislatures across the country. It played a big part in helping to elect North Carolina’s legislative majority in 2010 and has pumped at least $1.6 million into the state’s legislative elections from 2010 through 2015...

Good News For Dems

Hispanic voter registration spikes | TheHill:

Registration among Hispanic voters is skyrocketing in a presidential election cycle dominated by Donald Trump and loud GOP cries to close the border...
Of course, this will help burn Trump down, but I reckon a more important result may be the significant swing in state governments. In NC revulsion over the GOP is high, though their bellowing, crying, whining supporters make it seem less so. NC has also experienced a dramatic growth in Latino population so their impact at the polls may be significant. As The Hill points out, TX could also swing blue.

Red State Silliness

A hat tip to Daily Puma for his "Concern Troll" post. Right on the money. Here's a fun quote from Red State, offering Democrats some low-cost psychological analysis.

CT, RI, MD, DE, PA Democrat Primary Results: Why is Hillary Still Losing States to Bernie? | RedState:

...For all the chaos on the Republican side, which may well end up at a contested convention, the Democrats have to be at least a little concerned that Hillary Clinton continues to lose states, even though the Democrat race is essentially decided. The fact that Bernie continues to actually win states is indicative of more than just ideological preference or personal loyalty to Bernie, it is indicative of long simmering resentment that Democrats are going to have to deal with in November...

GOPer Dennis Hastert Going Down

My edits in [ ].

Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison in Hush-Money Case - NBC News:

Former [GOP] House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced Wednesday to 15 months in prison in his hush-money case by a judge who called him a "serial child molester" and ordered him to enroll in a sex-offender treatment program.
Never once that I could find did NBC mention the very salient fact that molester Hastert is a Republican, a member of the GOP who was elected as a Republican and worked for GOP goals the entire time he was in office, probably molesting both Republicans and Democrats.

Trophies For The Bros

Hullabaloo "Bubble Babies":

...Everyone has a right to be involved, of course. They should. But social media is making it seem as though everyone has a right to win --- and if they don't it can only be because the system is rigged against them. After all, "everyone" is on their side!

There's always been a bit of this in politics. It was taken as a given by a whole lot of people that JFK stole the 1960 election in Illinois. I remember that people said President Bill Clinton wasn't legitimate because he won with a plurality. And in 2000 George W. Bush actually did manipulate the system in broad daylight. The results of close elections are always debatable I suppose. But in the social media age it's gone well beyond anything like that to the point where everything is a conspiracy. I don't know where this leads --- probably nowhere. But it doesn't strike me as one of the positive developments to emerge from the internet...
The Participation Trophy is just that. There is only one winner. The Bernouts should keep that in mind. I might also add that losers don't dictate terms to winners, else there is no point in the competition.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baltimore Sun Endorses Clinton

Clinton for president - Baltimore Sun:

...But Mr. Sanders' success has also prevented the party's front-runner from fully turning her attention to the general election this fall, as she should be doing at this point in the race. Now is the time for the party to come together around its strongest potential candidate. The former first lady, senator from New York and secretary of state clearly has the experience, detailed knowledge of the issues and proven record of accomplishment that America needs in its next president, and that is why we urge voters to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Democratic primary...

Losers Trying To Win

Time for Sanders to support Clinton - Baltimore Sun:

Sen. Bernie Sanders said his support for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party "is totally dependent" on their adopting his more aggressive agenda ("What Bernie Sanders wants," April 26). It's OK for Senator Sanders to campaign (civilly) to the end of the primaries if he so chooses. But then he should be an enthusiastic supporter of Secretary Clinton and the party's platform. When Ms. Clinton realized Barack Obama was going to win the 2008 primary, she conceded, stopped raising money, didn't demand anything and went to work uniting the party. It's not OK, even for someone who fought an impressive issue oriented campaign that benefited both the party and Ms. Clinton, to demand that he be allowed to dictate the party's platform...

Bernie And The Exit Polls

Why Bernie Sanders fans are annoying - Business Insider:

...Of course, the real reason Sanders does better in exit polling than actual votes is that Sanders supporters will not shut up about Bernie Sanders, so of course they're eager to talk to exit pollsters. That, not a national conspiracy among county election administrators to rig the system for Hillary Clinton, is what's at play...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Comment Of The Day: Brainy (They Think) Left Edition

Northeast Corridor | The Confluence-- William, on April 25, 2016 at 2:53 pm said: :

...These intellectuals do not like compromise or pragmatism, they want an heroic figure from fiction, or at least they want FDR as of 1932. It should be very clear that now in America, the pure liberal is not going to win, except if the country were in a state of crisis, as with the Great Depression. My parents loved Adlai Stevenson, and I think he may have been closer to the ideal, except that he was probably incapable of winning a national election, even if we do allow for him coming along at the wrong time, after 20 years of Democratic control. McGovern was ineffectual as a candidate. What is the point of losing every election, as we were doing in the 70’s and ’80’s, just so we could feel noble about it? And once again, we must note that Hillary is probably more liberal on issues than Obama, probably more liberal than any Democratic candidate siince 1972, excepting Dukakis, who was another very nice and idealistic man who was not going to win on his platform...

The Swiftboats Are Coming

RNC Chief Exposes Republican Strategy Against Hillary Clinton: 'Swiftboating Benghazi' | Crooks and Liars:

...Here's where Priebus let the cat out of the bag by telling Stephanopoulos this:

"Well, look, I mean and -- and we're starting the general election campaign, too. We had two soldiers from Benghazi at the RNC meeting who were lied to by Hillary Clinton, who did an awful job as secretary of State..."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Daily Flashback: Smug Liberals Of The 90s Edition

driftglass: The Desolation of Smug:

...Since he was literally only four years only at the time, I guess Mr. Resnin is unfamiliar with that period in American history when we on the Left tried sweet reason and compromise to achieve our goals. That era is known as "the 90s" and for our trouble we got six years of Republican Congressional witch-hunts fueled by slander and lies underwritten by crackpot Conservative billionaires and troweled out out as "news" by the Conservative media. For our trouble we got a government shutdown, impeachment, the rise of Newt Gingrich-style, slash-and-burn Conservative politics and Rush Limbaugh-style slash Conservative propaganda one 1000 radio stations coast-to-coast...

Money Is Not Always The Answer

Bernie Sanders Just Doesn't Seem To Understand What Poverty Really Is - Forbes:

...And that is the public policy point to be considered here. There is no possible sum of tax money that would create a decent education system out of one being grievously mismanaged. We thus, once we’ve got reasonable amounts of money going into such a system, got to focus rather more on the efficiency with which it is being spent rather than just crying out for ever more cash to be shoveled into it. That is, Senator Sanders, could we have a little more thought about why Baltimore cannot produce at least a simulacrum of a reasonable education system on 50% more money per pupil than possibly the world’s best education system, that of Finland, requires? And when you’ve done that pondering then we can talk about budgets

How To Lose (And Win) A Debate How to Debate a Wingnut: Cenk Uygur Slices & Dices Ann Coulter:

One thing that has long been a pet peeve of mine is when I watch a Progressive get stomped on by a Conservative in a debate. Often, the latter happens not because the Conservative has the facts on his side.

Rather, it's that Conservatives appear to do well in debates because they simply spew an endless assortment of lies, often in a loud voice. If you repeat this formula over and over again against a wimpy, unprepared Progressive who's afraid to stand up to you, you'll appear to win the debate. And in our TV culture, of course, appearances are everything...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bernie Importing Bros

Australians say they were paid by Labor Party to work for Bernie Sanders in Project Veritas video - Washington Times

Australians say they are being paid to work for Sen. Bernard Sanders‘ campaign by the Australian Labor Party in what appears to be a violation of U.S. election law, according to an undercover video released Thursday.

The footage captured by Project Veritas Action shows three campaign volunteers discussing how they received compensation from the Australian Labor Party — including airfare, housing and a daily stipend — in order to help Mr. Sanders‘ bid for the Democratic presidential nomination...

On Accepting Reality

Sanders supporters suffer through stages of grief - POLITICO:

...After holding out hope, some are beginning to accept the disheartening notion that the Vermont senator is now unlikely to win the party's nomination.

“It is over,” Lee Stonum, an avid Sanders supporter and public defender in Orange County, California, wrote on his Facebook page after the New York results were tallied. “I’m a little annoyed by the tone of the emails I’m now getting from the campaign that refuse to acknowledge this and claim there is still a path to the nomination. There is not...

The Boring Left

Hillary Clinton: Cersei Lannister or Sansa Stark? | The Confluence:

...Funny, but not surprising. Lefty academic guys are so predictable. And beginning to bore me.
Ain't it the truth.